The Prefecture of Chalkidiki is the most developed region of Central Macedonia and Northern Greece in general. Geographically, it is divided into 4 main parts, central Halkidiki and the three peninsulas of Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. The beautiful beaches, the crystal clear waters, the variations in the landscape and the ease of access by vehicle due to its good road network, make it an ideal holiday destination for many visitors for years! Halkidiki is one of the most beautiful, multi-cosmic and particularly parts of Greece, as your nose has the smell of pine while your feet are popping up. This summer replay of northern Greece combines the lush landscape with the deep blue azure that deepens the look and revitalizes the soul and body.


It is the time for a small tour and a small taste in the endless blue and the vast expanse of the golden sands of the earthly paradise of Halkidiki! Are you a beautiful young man and are looking for the famous beaches, are you a family man and are looking for your peace? We have the solution! Its famous and enchanting beaches start from the first foot of Chalkidiki, which also has beautiful villages. Originally in Sani you will find the best organized beach on the first leg. In Possidi and Kypsa you will admire stunning sunsets and indulge in watersports. In the lonely beach of Mola Kalyva you will feel hermits, while on the beaches of the largest villages you can indulge in a wild dance at some of the best beach bars in the country: In Glarokavos on the homonymous beautiful beach, in “Liosi” in the wonderful sandy beach near Afitos, the Pearl of Kallithea, the Babewatch and the Aqua Mare in Fourka, the Naqago and White Sand, the new hot spot in Paliouri, you will definitely find a cocktail for the night. For the most inconvenient on the 2nd leg of Halkidiki, Kavourotrypse is the right beach for nudists and nudists. For a calm swim between impressive white rocks, head to Karidi beach, near Vourvourou. For castles with white sand and turquoise dunes, do not overtake Armenist and the so-called Tigania beaches. In Elia, the scenery is magnificent, despite the organized beach in front of the crystal clear waters. In the Paradise of Nikiti and Lagomandra of Neos Marmaras, sand, rocks and vegetation are enough for everyone.


Halkidiki is an area with archaeological monuments that the traveler has the opportunity to experience and learn both the local history and the myths of the region as well as important events of this time. Originally, ancient Olynthos offers courses in urban planning as you will see how the famous Hippodamian town planning system was organized, which is the basis for reference today in the field of urban science. Excavated houses, boulevards, communal areas, all in one area with panoramic views. Also in Porto Koufo you will discover what is hidden behind the steep rocks in the south of Sithonia. A secret port, through a narrow aperture of 300 meters. It is the ancient “Toroneos port”, the largest and safest port in Northern Greece, mentioned by Thucydides. It was called the Deaf Port, because if you stand in the bay you do not hear the sea at all. One of the most important monuments is Ancient Stageira. In the home of Aristotle in Macedonia, at the birthplace of one of the greatest Greek philosophers, you will walk on the land that the great philosopher walked in. Near the village of Olympiada lies the Ancient Stageira, which is the birthplace of Aristotle. In the village of Stagira, you will find the Aristotle’s Alps: compass, pendulum, prism. The instruments mentioned in Aristotle’s “Naturally” are all here.


Many lively entertainment centers, Greek or foreign music, as well as smaller beach bars are found in almost all the seaside areas of Halkidiki. They are a reference point for the Thessalonians as it is the prime destination for entertainment on the weekends of the summer. In Kassandra, known for their nightlife, are Kallithea, Hanioti and Pefkohori, Sithonia, Sarti and Mount Athos Ouranoupoli. Also, Neos Marmaras, surrounded by sandy beaches, has the most popular bar in the area, Molos, and the most sought-after beach bar, Kohi, in the luxurious complex of Porto Carras. But if you are a more traditional or family man and you are looking for more relaxed fun, the traditional taverns are ready to serve you the quality food and the freshest fish.


Halkidiki can travel not only to the sun and its sandy beaches, but also to its alternative exploration activities. The Atlantis diving center in Nikiti, Sithonia, has special programs for those who have not diving but also for children. Cycling in the area’s forests and hills, in Kassandra, at the western end of Halkidiki, while Break Free offers bike rides on the pine-covered peninsula. You can also explore the Petralona cave, 50 km southeast of Thessaloniki, where excavation works in the 1960s revealed tools and weapons of the Paleolithic age, animal skeletons, and Petralona cranium of human beings who lived 700,000 years ago. An extraordinary activity is the spa baths of Agia Paraskevi that offer relaxation and healing properties that have been known since ancient times. You can enjoy sunbathing by kayaking along the golden horizon with Sea Kayak Halkidiki, which has three-hour guided excursions from the village of Vourvourou to Sithonia. Lastly, the strong religious tradition is evident in the third leg of Halkidiki, which is the community of monks of Mount Athos which is forbidden for the female sex as only men accept it.